Why ITE?

Snow Thrower

In the suburbs of areas that typically get snowfalls of less than 8", a single-stage snow blower is just the right size. One of the world's largest manufacturers of yard equipment found itself in a critical dilemma: too many new products to be developed in their pipeline for their staffing levels. At the same time, their existing product in this category was from another OEM and was not meeting expected quality requirements. They needed a partner who could not only develop an innovative product, but do it in a very aggressive time frame.

ITE developed the snow thrower, from sketches on paper to manufacturing launch, in less than a year. We effectively balanced computer simulation and real world testing to engineer the paddle and chute system for snow removal. We even built 15 complete pre-production units for final verification testing.

ITE's strength in providing complete and innovative product development services, from the concept stage thru production launch, led to the successful release of a product that outperformed the market leader at a lower price point.