Why ITE?

Aluminum Can Lid Maker

The world's leading producer of can making machinery came to ITE because we have an excellent reputation and decades of experience designing precision machine tools. The customer wanted a new machine developed that would be a "game-changer" in the metal forming industry and at the same time provide his company with a machine platform that costs and sells for less, but still providing a high profit margin. Additionally, they desired that ITE provide exclusive intellectual property for the company to protect these margins for many years to come.

Aluminum Can Lid Maker Video

Lid Maker Machine

ITE completely engineered and managed the build of the first test prototype in 8 months. Following the test program, ITE refined the design into a larger production version prototype machine and managed the build of this unit in 10 months, just in time for the world premiere at the Metpack 2014 show in Germany.

ITE's ability to not only design and engineer a product, but to manage the ever-changing complexity of the product development process, enabled the client to launch this new product to the market as planned with "game changing", legally protected innovations that will provide profit margins for years to come.

Aluminum Can Lid Maker