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Think You Don’t Need Product Development Help? In 2022, Think Again

Kyle Lehr | May 4, 2022

The upheaval of the past few years has completely reshaped the playing field across multiple industries when it comes to product development. The herd is being thinned, and the remaining players have come out not only stronger than ever but hungrier than ever to reach new heights and push limits in 2022.

There has been a fundamental shift in the way companies are looking at their product development. Yesterday’s status quo is no longer viable in today’s competitive market. You may have an experienced, mature brand—with teams in place to handle the research, prototyping, testing, and marketing. But many companies are finding they are straining against the limitations of acquiring the necessary talent and development resources in-house to keep pace with their strategic goals. This is why more companies than ever are looking beyond their own borders to find the edge they need to truly disrupt their markets.

Outsourcing Product Development for Strategic Growth

Recruiting and retaining talent remains a top challenge across industries. Partnering with a product development firm allows you to supplement your existing teams, giving you access to a full range of skilled professionals that can help you navigate the complexities of product development.

You want an experienced partner that has a wide breadth and depth of development expertise that will allow your teams to focus on their core competencies, and lead to:

Power of Community

Your partner should be able to draw on best practices from a wide breadth of industries and efficiently put them into play for your team. A cross-vertical view of product development gives unique insight into navigating your specific challenges.

Product Road Map

For added benefit, you want a partner that can engage early and assist your overwhelmed or understaffed product development teams with developing a viable product road map. Get help with assessing the “big picture,” uncovering what other opportunities are out there, and identifying which project(s) are best for your organization to pursue.

Outsource with Confidence

Many companies hesitate to outsource product development for fear of compromising their trade secrets. It’s an understandable concern due to bad actors. However, ITE goes beyond the standard non-disclosure to ensure your intellectual property is protected. With 36 years in outsourced product development, our US-based team has never had a breach and adheres to strict cyber and data security standards, and other confidentiality and compliance measures. We’re a trusted partner of many Fortune 500 corporations as well as industry leaders across the globe.

When you partner with us, your organization gets a highly collaborative team that’s in the trenches with you.

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