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The Gish Pak Kickstarter Campaign

Gadget enthusiasts/beverage lovers rejoice! ITE congratulates inventor and entrepreneur, Brian Gish, on launching the Kickstarter campaign that will help fund the production costs for his “Gish Pak” collapsible beverage carrier. The Gish Pak securely holds up to four cans or bottles of nearly any size for easy transport to and from all your gatherings, then can fold up to the size of a smart phone to easily fit in your pocket or purse, when not in use. High quality Injection-molded ABS and machined 6061 aluminum components are fastened together with stainless steel hardware to create a product that is fun, stylish and discrete while also being durable, reliable and cost effective.Help support local entrepreneurs and be among the first of your friends to grab a Gish Pak today.

Gish Pak beverage carrier