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Congratulations, Ethicon, on ECHELON FLEX

Ethicon Echelon Flex stapler 

ITE congratulates Ethicon on the success of their ECHELON FLEX Staplers in a recent study that appeared in Advances in Therapy, a peer reviewed journal. The study followed a total of 3,550 patients over the course of 4 years that went through a lobectomy operation. A lobectomy is a surgical procedure where an entire lobe of the lung is removed due to infection, cancer, benign tumors, or COPD. In this study, 659 patients had lobectomies with powered staplers while 3,100 patients had the procedure done with manual staplers. Usually, between 2-10% of lobectomies result in bleeding complications, but in this study, hemostasis-related complications dropped by nearly half when surgeons used the powered staplers, 99% of which were the ECHELON FLEX by Ethicon. The device is designed with increased articulation, a narrow anvil, and a smaller shaft diameter to improve access and enable more precise placement on fragile vessels. 

For Ethicon’s full press release on this study, click here, and congratulations again, Ethicon, on a terrific device!