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ITE Announces Partnership with Losant

For over 30 years, ITE has been helping clients develop innovative products. We are there for the entire process, from early definition and ideation, through the design and refinement phases, and all the way through deployment. Today, the majority of products we develop contain smart technologies and many are designed to operate in the Internet of Things (IoT) space. We focus on the “thing” in the Internet of Things. We design and engineer in smart sensors and wireless technologies that allow for 2-way communication with the Cloud, whether the product is a consumer item or a large industrial machine. In order to provide a complete IoT solution, ITE is pleased to announce a partnership with Losant IoT, Inc.  Losant is a Cincinnati-based technology firm that has created an enterprise IoT platform that makes building real-time connected solutions a breeze. Losant has even been voted Most Promising Startup for 2018 by the Cincinnati Business Courier. 

The Losant IoT platform allows companies to seamlessly develop and launch edge-to-experience solutions.  Visual development tools that are accessed with a Web browser, combined with a complete platform that includes device & data management, data visualization & analytics, a real-time visual workflow engine and end-user application experiences provide ITE clients with powerful capabilities to extend their products into the Cloud and allow them to create better experiences and offer new solutions to their customers.
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