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New Step Screen and Multi-Rake from Parkson

ITE is pleased to congratulate Parkson on the release of their new Aqua Rhino® step screen with escalating screen technology! This technology consists of rows of self-cleaning screening bars that are set in a staircase configuration and alternate between fixed bars and bars that are part of a movable fixture. The movable fixture lifts and rotates upwards, so that as screenings form a mat on the steps, they’re lifted to eventually be discharged at the top. The Aqua Rhino® has lifting blades and a side frame combination that’s 50% thicker than the leading competition, resulting in a step screen that is durable and easily operated, and provides unparalleled protection for downstream process equipment.

ITE also congratulates Parkson on the release of their new multi-rake and articulating rake screen, the Aqua Caiman®. This system involves a series of rakes attached to special chain links that allow for a flexible belt assembly, which in turn allows for the rakes to handle large solids with ease. 

Please visit this link to learn more about the carefully thought out benefits of the new Aqua Rhino® from Parkson, or click here to get more information on the Aqua Caiman®.