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Gripping Surface Technology Advances Stapling Procedures

ITE is pleased to congratulate Ethicon on receiving FDA clearance on their 45mm ECHELON FLEX GST System. The GST System consists of the ECHELON FLEXPowered Plus Stapler and Endopath Echelon Reloads with gripping surface technology. Three intricate design elements allow for the System to reduce tissue slippage and deliver reliable staple formation as well as precise tissue transection during stapling procedures. Specifically, the 45mm ECHELON FLEXSystem offers performance improvements for several specialties including thoracis, colorectal, and bariatric. Well done, Ethicon!

For more information on the preceding 60mm ECHELON FLEX System, click here, or follow this link to learn more about Ethicon.


                                                     Ethicon Device with Gripping Surface Technology