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Smith & Nephew D-RAD SMART PACK

Congratulations to Smith & Nephew for the release of their D-RAD SMART PACK single use volar distal radius plating system. The D-RAD SMART PACK System enables surgeons and supporting staff members to work smarter in the OR and out. The system includes sterile single-use instrument kits and sterile packaged implants to avoid challenges that exist with traditional reprocessed plate and screw systems. The intelligent design improves efficiency in and out of the OR without sacrificing the intraoperative flexibility needed to best treat patients. The kit includes innovative packaging design: Sterile Screw/Peg Vials with Chart-Stiks®.  The vial design features a hermetic seal combined with an easy-to-open safety-tab lid. Other benefits include:

Click here for more information about this device, and visit their website to learn more about Smith & Nephew.